"I'm a Jesus Girl who can step on the scale and simply see an indication of how much my body weighs - not the worth of who I am!" Lysa Terkheurst

On July 9th I had Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass surgery and this is my journey! I want to be clear that I DO NOT think this surgery is a quick-fix for weightloss and every possible means should be taken before even considering this path. It is VERY difficult and if I knew then what I know now, I would have done more to lose the weight on my own! Having said that, I'm thankful for my new healthier life and am accepting and taking charge of MY weightloss journey! And... ALL the glory and honour goes to GOD!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Watch out Kurt Browning!

This has been a great week in regards to my weightloss journey.  Not because I had a huge weightloss but because I am starting to feel good in my own skin!  I had a huge milestone this week.  Let me preface a bit... When I was in university I went on a retreat with the Salvation Army Students' Fellowship.  A few of us were playing football on the frozen pond.  I ran to get the ball (no skates on - just boots) and I ended up slipping, feet went straight up and I landed on my head.  I got a really bad concussion.  Ever since then, I have been SO AFRAID of the ice.  I freak out even if I slip a little bit in a parking lot or driveway.  I haven't skated since high school, mainly because of the fear created by this event at the retreat.  Well, Michael was invited to a skating birthday party yesterday and I decided I would take him and actually skate too.  He had never been skating and I wanted him to not be afraid of it.  So I laced up and brought him out, pretending I knew what I was doing! haha  He did great.  He fell down a lot but he laughed every time and we had a lot of laughs together!  I managed to stay on my feet the whole time.  I was surprised by that!  I know that a lot of the bravery came from the weightloss.  7 months ago I never would have attempted to skate.  I would have declined the invitation to this party, therefore making my son miss out on some great fun, all because of my weight.  My weight kept me from A LOT of things.  If I knew I would have to walk a lot of stairs, walk a far distance, or do anything physical, I would decline the invite.  Even last summer... the kids were in soccer at a church that has many soccer fields behind their building.  We went to a few games and ended up not going anymore.  I couldn't even walk from the parking lot to the field without excruciating pain.  I remember getting back to the van after the games and just crying my head off because of the pain in my back and legs.  I convinced myself and Stelios and the kids that they weren't enjoying it well enough to continue through the season, but in reality it was my weight that stopped them from continuing.  I feel so ashamed with I think about it.  But thankfully I'm on the road to making sure my weight never stops me or my family from doing anything we want to do!  Amazing adventures await us!!!

I start a new job this coming week. It's a temporary job for a month or 2.  I'm kinda nervous about fitting in my workout time.  I can't do early mornings - I'm not a morning person!  It looks like I'll have to go in the evenings after the kids are in bed.  I don't want to miss any of my time with them after I get home from work.  This is real life!  This will show my dedication.... (and I won't say "or lack thereof!"  oops, just did!) 

Well I really don't have much more to talk about this week.  Like I said, the skating this past week, the toboganning last week - these are the most exciting NSVs for me. (Non Scale Victories)  But as always, the scale tells a number that helps us determine if we're heading in the right direction.  And thankfully the scale is still moving in the right direction.  I lost 2lbs this week for a total of 132lbs lost.  I'm hoping to reach a big milestone this week which I will reveal next week if it happens.  My next milestone is to have another 37lbs gone by July 9th, which will be my one year anniversary of surgery.  It is getting harder to lose large numbers now, but I will be okay if I don't reach that goal.  I may not lose much more weight in regards to the scale number if I continue with the weightlifting routines I'm doing.  And that's totally okay.  I am going to focus more on the size of clothes I'm wearing and the measurements because muscle weighs more than fat and I want to become more toned.  Either way - I'm going to continue on the right path and do whatever I can to be more and more healthy every day!

Total Loss: 132lbs

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  1. Great pictures and great post.....as usual. Hugs.